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Back before 2009, I would have never considered speaking at conferences. Speaking in front of my peers was something that caused great distress and discomfort...and thus I avoided or really never gave it thought.

In 2009, my supervisor at the college said that I should submit a proposal to present at a local conference. He encouraged me as he knew this would stretch me. That year, thinking that I would be lucky to have one of my presentation proposals accepted, I submitted four session proposals. All FOUR of those proposals were accepted and my presenting at conferences was off to a running start!
Through that "run", I found that I loved presenting.

In 2011, I found SimpleK12's Teacher Learning Community and began presenting webinars. To date I have presented 34 webinars with them (many updated and repeated over time). My top eight presentations are pictured below:

Over the years I've presented at various local conferences. Most I have submitted proposals, but a few I…

2016 Goal

2016 is coming up and with that making new year goals.

It has become my tradition to come up with a word goal for the new year.
2014 - Stretch
2015 - Step back

This year, there were not any words coming to mind....until I saw this--


-let go
-cast off
-quiet and calm
-let God be God
-do not worry
-at peace