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Day 4 ISTE

The last and final day! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone!

8:00 Table visits

8:30 Electronic Constructivism 2012: Promising Technologies, Creative Teaching, Inspiring Examples

10:15 Copyrights? Teaching Fair Use Reasoning to the Remix Generation

Table visits

1:15 Beyond the Projector--Integrating Interactive Whiteboards into Your Teaching

Keynote skipped to that the beach could be visited!

Walking along the beach, eating ice-cream, and reviving from all the learning.

Day 3 ISTE

Tuesday run down
8:30 morning keynote Global, Creative, and Entrepreneurial: Defining High Quality Education by Yong Zhao.

Table Visits

10:30 EduTeachers Web Tools will Make Way to the Future with Adam Bellow

12:15 Literacy in the Digital Age with Kathy Schrock


3:45 Capitaalize on Open Education Resources and BYOD to Expand Learning

5:15 Birds of a Feather session Apps for Higher Level Thinking

Feet up back in the hotel

7:15 EdTech Karaoke

Day 2: Monday

Wow! Can I just say that I am exhausted? I have walked more than I time I would bring a pedometer or something! The time difference is kicking my tail! I am up early (which is normal home time) and last night stayed up late local time (which is on my word I haven't been up like this since college late).

So here is my run down from yesterday: Breakfast: omelet, fruit and biscuit. :)

8:30 season with Texas Instruments spokesperson Mayim. I have to admit I am a little star struck and wanted to be in the same room again with her. I did learn just how much the TI Nspire is more than a calculator! This thing rocks! I will try to add my audio notes and photos when I am back home.

9:30 brought the opening of the exposition hall! This area is huge! You can get lost in here and spend hours wandering and filling your eyes and ears wih all the latest from companies. Oh, and they have free stuff! Today I walked away with five t-shirts, two noise maker deals (will have to post picture)…

Day 1 ISTE

Day 1 of ISTE! Sunday was a long travel day! I arrived to the hotel to rush out to join in on the member kickoff. Amazed by the number of people, I began to question my place in the crowd. With no one yet to connect with I went exploring. Thanks to a pretzel dog or at least my hunger for one I met two wonderful ladies from Texas. These ladies invited this new girl to hang with them! This made my day!
Keynote address brought a panel of four very different but knowledgable people. It was humorous enough to keep attention and kept us thinking about why and how we use technology.

San Diego Convention Center

My favorite Texans: Mary Carol and Terry
Along with KidBlog Creator Matt Hardy

Keynote area
Keynote with Mayim Bialik
Also Sir Ken Robinson

Saying Goodbye

In less than 24 hours I will be on a plane starting my trip to San Diego! I can't believe that it is time! My oldest daughter started this morning off by stating "I wish you weren't leaving tomorrow". Well, it seems tomorrow always matter how far off it is.

It will be difficult for this mom, who does not travel for this long ever, to leave her girls. However, as a friend said yesterday "it will give breathing room". And it will...I will be a refreshed mom and probably will have a very grateful dad when I return ;).

The hardest part of this trip has turned out however to be that I am missing two celebrations of life. While I am away my husband's family will be saying their goodbyes to his grandmother Eva on Monday and my friend Stacie's family/friends will be saying their goodbyes on Tuesday. Two different lives that both left this earthly home on Sunday the 17th. One a life long lived, full of family, children, grandchildren and great gr…

ISTE: Bags packed

My bag is packed! Try #5 for a carry on with all the essentials what I should need! What did I pack?

1. Four  Three nice dress casual shirts (I figured I would pick up a t-shirt or two)
2. Two One skirt (in case I need to really impress)
3. Two One capri (the weather says upper 60's!)
4. Four Three pants (one kaki pant, one dress jean, and one casual jean)
5. Other necessaries that will not be mentioned :) but I would mention pjs :)
6. Snack bars
7. Foldable bag that will unfold to a nice bag should I need it for the trip home with all the freebies (or the new iPad, Kindle, etc. that I hope to win.
8. Tennis shoes (I will be picking up my bunny slippers when I get there...look for them if you will be there and I will have my new hope they are really comfy Crocs on)
9. Swim suit
10. Airline approved quart size baggie that will hold very little so I will need multiple hold lotions, make up, etc.
11. Extra baggies for shells found on the beach or ??

Ya, so that is the &q…

My ISTE Planner (as of now)

Conference Planner for Carol Nelson
June 21, 2012, 10:24 amSunday, June 247:30am
Airport [Personal Appointment; ]
Location: Wichita
Description: Leave at 7:40 United Airlines11:30am
Arrive [Personal Appointment; ]
Location: San Diego
Description: Arrive 11:341:30-3:00pm
Conference Kickoff and Member Celebration [Concurrent Session; Keynote]
Location: SDCC Hall B1
Mario Armstrong, Mario Armstrong Media, LLC with Peggy Sheehy5:45-7:00pm
Redefining Horizons: Encouraging Students' Passion to Achieve [Concurrent Session; Keynote]
Location: SDCC Hall B1
Sir Ken Robinson, with Mayim Bialik, Shawn Covell and Marc Prensky7:00-8:00pm
Expanding Horizons Global Happy Hour [Social Events; Reception]
Location: SDCC TBD-TBD7:00-8:30pm
Online International Forum for University Students [Learning Station Session; Global Collaboration Project]
Location: SDCC Halls DE Lobby, Table 23
David Stoloff, Eastern Connecticut State University 7:00-8:30pm
Apps 4 Children [Learning Station Session; Student Showcase]
Location: S…