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Sharer Beware

What do you advertise by clicking share on Facebook? Have you ever thought about that?

I tend to probably overanalyze what I share, like and post. But I want what is linked to me to be...well, me. There are certain standards, beliefs, and truths that I stand by and I do not what anything to say otherwise (as much as I can help it).

Back to Facebook specifically, but social media in the board sense. I am seeing a new wave of posts that are advertising for an app that I would say lands itself on the dangerous apps list.

It is subtle...In title, in posts, in advertising. Take a look at this:
Innocent. I almost bit. I have a short little girl, I appreciate her and about shared.

But notice who's photo it is....
Whisper App

Do you know anything about the Whisper App?
Here is their tagline: "is the best place to discover secrets around you"
Their app description: "Ever wondered what the people around you are really thinking?" Whisper is on online community where milli…