9 months home

Well, we will say around 9 months home. It’s actually closer to 11.In fact, we’ve celebrated one year post our acceptance and invitation to the academy! One year from learning our teams.
It doesn’t seem possible!The year long journey is nearing its end. It hasn’t been the easiest with COVID-19 mixed in. We’ve had extended deadlines and all the other emotions of the times.Today I’m feeling a bit nostalgic and enjoying looking back at the process and journey. Remembering the people and time we had together in NYC. My folder is out in front of me... And I’m full of wonder still.How did I get into this group? This group of 42 from 100,’s applying?Will my project be something? Will it be something special and useable? And how do I get it where it needs to be?I have some amazing supporting players. My coach and mentor - Desiree AlexanderMy friend and initial database builder - Adam GeisenMy brother - Mark Smerchek, who is helping me take the project further and truly own itMy PowerUP team - …

6 Months Home

I've been asking this a lot lately, but "Where has the time gone?"

Six months ago (plus a little) -- in October 2019, I was in NYC at the Google Innovator Academy. SIX MONTHS ago. 

Now I could talk about how different the world is now, but for the focus of today's blog I'll keep the focus on the academy itself.

The academy. I honestly can't keep from smiling when I mention it. Wearing my shirts associated with the academy make me feel connected, stronger, and able to do more. My team and cohort are an amazing source of resources, innovation, strength, and smiles.

Part of the academy and Google Innovator process is the innovator project. You can visit the past reflections in this blog to give you more of a background.

However, here we are at the six month checkin for our Innovator journeys!
And actually, this was slotted to have been last month. However, do to COVID-19 we have been given some extensions.

So the 6/7 month checkin was completed last week on the …

Stuck in the Muck

I have a confession....
I let the muck and yuck of things around me get me stuck in negativity.

I'm talking stuck. Stuck to where all you see is negative and that affects how you are seen by being negative.

Whether justified (as there have been a lot of negativity, changes, etc.) or not...I realized (by an attitude check) that I let it all begin to change my behavior.

During this "awakening", a colleague shared this...
"Beneath every behavior there is a feeling.
And beneath each feeling is a need.
And when we meet that need rather than focus on the behavior,
we begin to deal with the cause, not the symptom." There were definitely causes behind why I felt like I did and that lead to the behavior I was displaying (some realizing and some not realizing how much it was being displayed). Ultimately, I don't want to be seen or known as a negative person. I don't want people to think I'm grumpy. And friends...that was what was starting to happen.

30 in 30

Day 30 of 30 days of blogging.

I'm just going to be has already been a little of a rough Monday. I will not going into too many details.

But I found this on my Facebook page --

I put a lot of fear into what can go wrong. That worse case scenario is always playing in my mind.

This morning I am trying to choose Peace. So I will leave you with the song that is my encouragement.

I believe that God has "got this"...and every situation I face.

29 of 30

29 of 30 days of blogging!

Go Chiefs!
Go, Chiefs!

28 of 30

Day 28 of 30 days of blogging.

Just a few days left of the 30 day challenge!
This has been so good for me, but I think at the end I will take a little break.

There is so much going on and decisions being made over the next couple weeks at work! It is overwhelming. It feels like one decision causes a domino effect of many other changes.
And one of those dominos is me!

Depending on the direction of the domino "hit" it can change the trajectory of the final peice to fall.

27 of 30

Day 27 of 30 days of blogging.

I am almost to the end of the 30 days!!

I'm going to be honest, my brain is tired and not focusing too well today - this tooth ordeal has got me all messed up!

So,  I will share a couple things that I've run across that I'm thinking on.....

Happy Friday :)