Tech Time

Oh, how I would like to have more tech time! I am on the computer a lot, I text, and use other technology...that is not what I mean. Many times I am using technology as a part of "everyday life". My job(s) require me to utilize the computer. If I want to talk to my family, I have to use my phone. If we want to capture that special moment in a picture...we have to use the camera.

I want time to sit and learn new technology. Time to catch up on my resources...

I realized the other day that through my social bookmarking (use of Diigo) I have accumulated 1063 web resources! I did not realize that I had gone over the 1000 mark. The problem is that I am not sure that these resources are as detailed and organized as I would like them to be. Once I had the thought that I could take one a day and really dig into what the site is about. Then I realized exactly how long that would take me to do it! So the enthusiasm wore off a little. Yet still a good goal and just something I need to "make happen".

Then there is my RSS feeds. I have found several blogs of other educators and professional sites, that serve as great resources. However, I do not have time to catch up on these very often either. Right now I have 115 new unread messages and several that I have "starred" that I need to go back and bookmark or take note of.

Sometimes it is information overload! So useful, so informative...but so, so much time.

Then there is the blog! I would really like to make this a daily or at least weekly "habit".

How do I fit it all in and be mom, prof, web person, data person, mom, wife, babysitter, mom....
It is a full plate! A plate full of variety to say the least.

Maybe it is just taking one thing at a time, one resource or one bookmark. Maybe today needs to be the start of my "one resource a day goal". I can incorporate my blog and tech time endeavour into one grand "adventure" that I can share with you (if you exist).

My hesitation is that there are so many other blogs like this. So many sharing resources, thoughts, etc. What will make mine stand out? What will make mine worth the pursuit? ....Then I realize, I need it to not be about others at this point as much as for me. My blog, my pursuit of tech tools and organization. My TECH TIME!


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