Not how I planned to spend break...

I have had several things that I planned to accomplish while on break, but remaking a personal website was not on the list! Thankful however, that I realized it was gone while on break!

For several years now I have "mooched" off of a friend's web hosting service. There had been talk before about the friend keeping the service or not, but it never crossed my mind to back up or save the  information somehow. The end result is that for right now, it is gone...all of it. Those of you who have worked with creating website will understand the amount of time that went into the site and now the amount of time that will go into creating something new.

Here is a sneak peek of my recreated site:

I kept the name "Educate Me". It is what I have created for myself in the social media word  (educatememrsn). To change it seemed too overwhelming. The tag line changed from "join in the journey" to a pottery theme. It seemed only natural to join together a couple of my passions/hobbies. (I enjoy collecting pottery and actually made some in high school.) I love this picture that I took of an actual framed drawing that was made for me by Rusty Blanchard (a very talented family friend).

The site will continue to "house" a place for my technology explorations/uses/etc. titled "tech talk". Keeping with the double t theme, I titled the section for my work at the college "tiger talk". It will keep course information and resources.

What do you think of it so far? I am working and working on getting as much as possible complete before publishing it for the world to see.

Until then....a couple more peaks....

This page showcases the projects that are completed in my tech class and that I feel that I could help others learn to do.

This page showcases some of the online tools that I use for personal use and for class. I have added links to the site and my personal profiles within each.

I think that I have the starts of a much better site!


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