Part 2: SoCal Cabbie

I have spent the last couple days on the couch taking care of my youngest with her first case of the "stomach bug". Yesterday we watched the movie Bedtime Stories and today I am inspired to continue the saga of the technology princess on her adventure. If you didn't catch the story you can catch up here.

Last we read: Upon her arrival at the destination, she found herself a smidgen under dressed for this beach....(see below and ignore the guy in the picture...more on him later in another story).

Well, this is the story about "that guy" in the picture.

The call of the beach had beaconed them. Days of lessons indoors had been endured and the allure of the city and its beauty could no longer be ignored. Although, the princess might have questioned her dress it would not diminish her adventure in one bit.

The private car (taxi) had taken them to the beach. My memories are unclear as to how much talk if any this ride had. I do know that the time was filled drinking in all the sights and sounds that surrounded them. Upon arrival to the beach, the driver was paid and the adventurers embarked on the long awaited time at the beach. 

The beach filled all their senses! The cool, wet sand on their shoeless feet. Waves crashing onto the shore. Who could not be overcome by these wonderful sights and sounds? Just listen...

Yet this story does not end at the beach! One would have thought that their adventure ended with this prefect setting, however, one more waited them.

The sun had been soaked up, feet were washed up from the sand, and the time had come for the ladies to return to their dwelling places (hotels).

Just how would they return? How do you call for a driver? It seemed like no driver could be hailed from their current position. So off they went on foot to the nearest establishment (hotel) in hopes of finding help for these poor damsels in distress (tired girls in need of a ride).

And who should appear but a knight in shining honor (remember I said that they were tired)! His yellow carriage (taxi) came to their rescue. Little did they know as the boarded that this man held more in common with them than they ever could have guessed. These tech princesses were in the presence of the SoCal Cabbie, a blogging cab driver!

This princess has often wondered the type of post that might have followed by our SoCal Cabbie. However, his blogging had ended when his employer had discovered it. I guess a blogging cabbie and the stories that he could share was more than they wanted to get out. However, for me, I would have liked to see the story of the technology princesses that rode from the beach that day. I know if I would have written it, it would have been filled with smiles, laughter, new friendships, and of course the wonderful princesses that rode that day!


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