Dear Rodeway Inn

And Choice Hotels:

When I called and ask you for a clean and safe hotel near the convention center here in San Antonio, I might have thought you could get one out of the two or two out of the two requests. But no. You found a way to provide neither. Instead we were met with this:

Hairs on pillows
Wrinkled sheets that looked unchanged
Rusted vents
Trash in spots that must have just been too much work to pick up
Broken outlet covers
Dirty walls
A toilet you have to turn off the water so that it doesn't keep running
No extra towels for the third person although you charged an extra fee for extra person
No delivery of extra towels, instead making us come to the dark
No extra sheets for the third person although you charged an extra fee for extra person
No extra pillow cases to replace the dirty hairy you gave us extra sheets to cover them.
Smelly couch/bed
The feeling that everything is dirty.

And now we are driving 45 minutes each way. However, that is a much preferred than another second in your place. Unfortunately we had to stay one night. I have never felt so grossed out and unsafe! 

And yes, I have some pictures if you would like to see them for yourself.

Expect to hear from me soon. However, I am not wasting any of my conference time on you.

Never again,

Your former Choice Privileges customer 


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