Writing Your Life's Story

This post has been "percolating" for a while. It is one that I have wanted to write, yet struggle to also.

The idea for this post began with an ending. One year ago, one of my childhood friends left her earthly home. Her healing from cancer came, just not the way that those of use left behind might have wanted.

She and her mother, an author, talked about "her story" prior to her passing. A dual story of a young woman's view of her battle with cancer and her mother's view. I had the privilege of reading the book prior to publishing.

I was struck by my friend's life story. The events, friends, turning points, etc. It was interested to learn new things and also bring closure in reading her final moments. You can learn more about her book  I Will Not Fear: A Chosen Life by clicking the title.

I also walked away wondering what my life's story would read like....

I love this statement a friend had on here Facebook page:
Good advice! And a good question, "Am I someone that I wouldn't be afraid for people to imitate?"

That would make a good life story. 


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