Library Happenings: Awesome Bookmarks

Thanks to Pinterest, the fourth and fifth graders have had a fun library project.

This is Awesome Bookmarks:
Link (and credit):

I had kids on the floor and I stood on a chair, others laid on chairs, and some just stood. 
It was fun to see just how creative they were with this.

I should have had the computer to open the pictures for better viewing. Some pictures did not turn out as well as the student 
would have liked and so we ended up at Wally World twice printing pictures. It also would have helped to have had a printer that
printed photos. We could have avoided extra library time and the Wally World trips.

The students cut around their photos, some opted to glue the photo to card stock for stability. I offered to laminate if some wanted that as well.

I hope these actually make it home for parents to see and enjoy. I don't think the students understand that the photos cost money and time.

This could be a great connector to an autobiography! I also thought about it with Mother's Day or Father's Day or some special reading day. 
You could even stretch and connect with math and measurements, look at actual real life size and the bookmark size and even talk about ratios. 
Science, Language Arts, and Math not too bad for making cross-curricular connections :)


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