A blog by any other name...

...just wouldn't be the same!

"I'm Technically Speaking" is the name that I have given this blog. I can't imagine at this point a different name. However, I have been struggling with the intent of the posts for this blog. And honestly, I struggle with the whole writing process (where to put commas, possible spelling errors, run ons, etc. and not to mention the words to put down)!

Today I found this blog post "Spokes Without a Hub Are Just Random Sticks" by Richard Byrne. Richard is also the owner of one of my favorite sites Free Technology for Teachers. He has just started a new blog Worms in the Fridge, Lessons in Blogging Learned and Shared where I found this article.
Richard states, "Having a following on Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest is nice, but cultivating your presence on those networks should be secondary to producing material for your blog. Think of your blog as the central hub for your entire online presence. Your social media profiles are the spokes off of that hub.Those spokes are important but without that hub to anchor them they’re just random sticks." This was just the challenge that I needed!

I need to anchor my spokes! I have been working at expanding my Twitter followers and posts. In addition, I have been working on my website (even bought my own domain). Several pieces are here and there to expand my online presence and get more exposure. However, I am afraid that they are just random sticks at this point.

Kevin Honeycutt in my LaunchMe training (see my connect post) started me on this "launching" process. I remember him making a similar statement in that you have to find a way to "connect" all your online activity (I am sure that he put it much better in his words and he drew an awesome picture).

Let me pause for just a minute of brutal self revealing honesty....there is some fear with this in me. Oh, there is down right excitement in "being found" and sharing what I love. But, being honest, I struggle with just what I ultimately have to offer. You see I will see others in educational technology and see what they are doing and how good they are....Or they have already "cornered the market" on something that I think I might have done....Or self-doubt really comes in and I think that I don't know enough about it to share on any bigger stage.

But, I AM TECHNICALLY SPEAKING. That is what I am and what I love to do. I love to work one-on-one, with small groups, with bigger groups, or presenting to an unknown global webinar audience. It is exhilarating to share/train on educational technology. Whether I share about one tool and step-by-step how to use it or my favorite top ten tools. If I could picture the perfect day...it would be me playing with technology so that I can share it with others.

So this is my challenge to myself, maybe to you and your own blogging, to connect the spokes by claiming my name. I am Technically Speaking and I am happy to bring you to my adventures in educational technology!


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