ISTE Day 3

I started out today with a free glass of milk with my breakfast sandwich! You may not think much of this, but yesterday I saw that a small container for sale in the conference center for a "pretty penny". So I will take what I can get!

To avoid the crowded lines etc. of the keynote, I found a small overflow area to watch. While waiting I was engaged in a conversation with a college prof from New York. He even wrote a book! It is funny who you will end up next to. Here is his info:

The keynote was very inspiring. Kevin Carroll was the speaker. A self proclaimed Katalyst ("c" changed to "k" on purpose for the "k" in Kevin). Here were my big take aways (at least the things that I liked that he said):
  • We have been placed where we are for a purpose and to make a difference
  • Everyone needs their own CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)
  • What is your red rubber ball? (your passion and purpose)
  • Play is the highest form of research -Albert Einstein
  • We are hard wired for play....we all speak "ball"
  • If your dream doesn't scare you it is not big enough
  • Simple truths from the playground: Always be present, language of respect and language of the world (know how to present yourself), look up once in awhile/shift your gaze
  • "I have no special talents I am only passionately curious" -Albert Einstein
Then it was off to today's BYOD session entitled "iStart to iFinish: Creating Student-Centered iPad Lessons". You can see on the photo below the apps that were discussed. I thought that we would be "app-smashing" or at least seeing how to create a student centered lesson (see title), instead we were just shown the apps (bummer!). Here is the resource link (Prezi). And here are my notes.

Then it was off to catch up with my Bunny Buddies of SimpleK12! They had a huge crowd for their 40 Mobile Apps. Here is the link that they handed out to their resources (see bottom of link). It should give you access to both of their ISTE presentation slides and a free download.
I'm helping up in the balcony pass out stuff while people enter....this was before the room filled.

After this I caught a few poster sessions which I will have to share later. I need to come up with a better method for tracking this info. I tend to take photos, scan QR codes, and pick up papers from those that I am interested in....but then it is all stuffed, stored, etc. until I have time to go back through it. Look for a special edition of my poster session resources.

I took a quick walk-about through the EXPO to follow up on a couple things, and then decided that I needed to put my feet up and rest back at the hotel for a bit (oh, and eat).

Another set of poster sessions started up on my return, so again I captured and gathered. 

The last session of the day was from those called "birds-of-a-feather" which are very casual and conversational. This particular on was about Geocaching. I have really wanted to do this myself. It was fun to not only learn about it but also see how it could be applied in the classroom. Here are my notes (these will seem very unorganized, but that is due to the nature of the session). 

One more day to go! 


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