ISTE Reflections

This will be my third ISTE conference. I thought it would be fun to look back and make some comparisons.

Year 1: San Diego, California 
Rooming with someone I know of, but do not really know. First big travel experience on my own. Memorable moments:
1) wearing the SimpleK12 bunny slippers from the hotel to the conference center and all around the conference for the day (as seen to the left with my SimpleK12 ladies)

2) the id10t? shirt (see related post)

3) Mayium Bialik (I was a little star struck)

4) These wonderful ladies who took me under their care and helped me not be lonely or nervous about my first ISTE experience (pictured below and left)
This is the Kidblog creator in the photo along with Teresa and Mary Carole

This was my bag:

Year 2: San Antonio, Texas
Late plans made (within two weeks of going). Again rooming with someone I really do not know. Ended up not staying at a hotel at all (see related post).
Memorable moments:
1) wonderful host and new friends
2) nasty hotel
3) largest thumb war

This was my bag:
On the left was the first year bag and right is year 2 bag. You can't tell from the photo, but this is not a carry on! I checked the bag this year! I'm not quite sure why I felt that I needed a big bag...but I must not have had an extra baggage fee!

Year 3: Atlanta, Georgia
Early plans and a prime hotel. Double room to myself (unless something works out for someone I know to go).
I can't wait for the new memorable moments!
Hoping that this will be my bag:
This the "child" of the year 2 bag :) It is a carryon...I'm hoping to avoid the extra $50 charge with the airline!
Also pictured is a backpack that I will take. I loved having a backpack! The first year I made a "sling" bag and it killed my shoulder. Year 2 I took this backpack and purchased a rolling cart to take my stuff around (even put my backpack in it at times). I may see if it will fit in the carryon! I highly recommend a rolling cart if you are going through the vender area! I loaded mine up last year with all the goodies that I collected! I also tend to pack an extra bag that could be used for the goodies to bring home.


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