The school year is about to end. Today was one of those days that it became very "real" as we celebrated graduation.

This is the first year that I have actually had high school age kiddos in my classroom. To be honest...at one point they actually, kind of scared me. Now however, they are some of my favorite kiddos to work with. I call them my "big kids".  And today, I watched the big kids graduate, I played a small part in the procedures. and I enjoyed every minute.

Next week we have two more graduations, 8th grade and Kindergarten. Each one brings us closer and closer to the final day of school.

My printer has been printing almost nonstop with JH/HS Awards Chapel last week, the graduation program for today, Character and other awards for Elementary Awards Chapel next week and the final teacher recognition on Friday.

I almost feel like I have needed a "cool-down mode" with the amount of end-of-year activities and planning that has been happening. It certainly is helping time not to drag!

I honestly do not know where the year has gone! This has been a year to remember! One that I learned probably more than I taught. It has been full of learning and growing personally and professionally.  Difficult, testing, trying.....yet transforming, strengthening and precious. That is the 2014-2015 school year.


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