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Exploring Technology Devices

Wouldn't you know soon as I start using technology for teaching more, the more problems I encounter with using it. I have even locked myself out of my own laptop (due to a change of passwords on the server at school and not on my laptop). Not only locking myself out, but as I am trying to get it started to the interactive lesson that I spent time to prepare. Then having to teach the said lesson (about creating websites) using a whiteboard (and might I add that the whiteboard is not a big one more like a large flip chart size). Today we set up multiple "stations" for exploring tech devices. Several needed software put on computers. Easy you would think, but anything that I need has to be put on by the system administrator. So, this let to devices being looked at and not really used. The main goal was exposure to the in the end this was accomplished. The high points were playing with the Snowball Microphone, ipad, and Flip Cameras! And we are going to

Technically Speaking

I am a technology explorer! I love to "play" with technology. Sometimes I probably know enough to be considered armed and dangerous. Non-the-less I am ready to explore and share my knowledge! So, here we are and I am technically speaking! Enjoy!