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ISTE 2015

ISTE! There is something about preparing for a trip like ISTE. Planning the conference session in the app, anticipating the vendor goodies, packing, and everything in between. Twitter is already a buzz with the conference that will start in two days. Last year at this time I was apart of all the hype and planning. I almost scoffed at a post that talked about why the person was NOT going to ISTE ( see an example post ). Not going?! Why would you not go....if you could? However after attending my 3rd conference in a row last year, it hit me. What are the reasons to go to ISTE? Well that can depend on who you are and how you approach conferences. Here is what ISTE promotes in their downloadable "make the case" administrator letter: Registration includes: Access to more than 900 sessions and learning opportunities. Entry to an interactive expo hall featuring more than 500 companies. Three thought-provoking keynotes. Opportunities to connect and network with more t

Voxer App Review

Hearing the name of this app again, I feel compelled to write my review of it. Voxer  advertises itself as "better than just texting". The idea is that Voxer acts like a walkie talkie with its voice component. I first heard of this app last year at the ISTE conference. I too was first taken in by the "fun" idea. It however didn't take me long to learn of a potential issue. Sitting in the first rows of a session, I found myself beside a lady "voxer". As the session filled and even started, she received some Voxer messages (voice). The trouble was that she didn't know how to control the app well and it resulted in several surrounding attendees hearing her messages more than the session's leaders. She did finally put her device away. I don't know that I have ever been so uncomfortable in a session with her device/app issues and having a person behind me speaking loudly about the irritating issue. It was rude and distracting. The app res

Super Friends

"Super Friends" I heard this term used by Dyane Smokorowski at EdCampKS last week. I love it! We all need friends, and who couldn't use some super friends! But what is a "super friend"? And what does it take to be or become a super friend? First I want to look at what it meant to me as I heard and observed it. It was first used in our opening time as we paired up and discussed topics. This super friend in my definition was a new connection. We need to connect with other educators! Often we attend conferences with our colleagues or friends, we work with the same people, talk with the same people....  The next time I heard it is also referenced connections. This time thinking of connections with those of same passions. Finding experts in your passion area and that being a super friend. It was interesting in this session that a comment was made that it felt like most of us knew each other in the room. However, we didn't...most of us just knew one per

A Yellow-shirted Girl's Announcement

Recognize that yellow-shirted girl? Somehow I ended up being the "star" of the Central Christian College Education Department advertisement. At the time the picture was taken, I was part-time. At the time of release, I was serving as an adjunct. At the time of this writing, I am announcing that I will be full-time! That yellow-shirted girl.... is now..... Education Instructor & K-12 Professional Development Coordinator for Central Christian College!

My 1st EdCamp

I attended my first ever EdCamp yesterday! I love the idea of professional development via EdCamp or "how you want it". Topics are selected by participants the day of the event and facilitated by those willing to do so. The "rule of two feet" was used...meaning that if you could stay for as much or as little of a session that you desired. Personally, with this being my first event, I came with a "learner" goal. I wanted to learn about EdCamp, see how it worked, and observe. It meant a more backseat approach for me. There were opportunities to share or make some connections that I entered into. I made use of the rule of 2ft when needed/desired. Even though this is a stated "rule", it still is hard at times to walk out. Especially, when you find yourself situated on the opposite side of the door and have to walk out in front of the person facilitating the session. In a way I felt like I was saying "You are not meeting my needs..." o

Leaving with Hello

Hello. That was the subject line for the "goodbye" I wrote to the ECS group. Goodbye wasn't the right word for sure! I've avoided broadcasting much with this whole change...and I'm not sure why. Part is due to the feeling of leaving my family. This group has supported and loved me the last three years like family. Part of me felt like I needed to find the appropriate time (whatever that is). In the end this is the note that I sent to my family at ECS: I'm not sure how to leave this school year and my position at ECS. Goodbye doesn't seem the right thing to say. I am not really leaving leaving. I plan and want to stay involved as much as possible with my technology help via my professional development part of my CCC position. I'll be around as a parent. Yet, things are changing. I, sadly, will not be there every day and all day. I will not be showing up at 7-something to answer the phones and the library will have a new teacher.  So....I haven&