My 1st EdCamp

I attended my first ever EdCamp yesterday!

I love the idea of professional development via EdCamp or "how you want it". Topics are selected by participants the day of the event and facilitated by those willing to do so. The "rule of two feet" was used...meaning that if you could stay for as much or as little of a session that you desired.

Personally, with this being my first event, I came with a "learner" goal. I wanted to learn about EdCamp, see how it worked, and observe. It meant a more backseat approach for me. There were opportunities to share or make some connections that I entered into.

I made use of the rule of 2ft when needed/desired. Even though this is a stated "rule", it still is hard at times to walk out. Especially, when you find yourself situated on the opposite side of the door and have to walk out in front of the person facilitating the session. In a way I felt like I was saying "You are not meeting my needs..." or "I don't like this" as I left. However, the idea of EdCamp is that you are finding what you need/want. Therefore you should exercise this rule and respectfully exit.

I attended by myself. This can be both good and bad. Being the introvert (shy) person that I am, it can be difficult to get connected. However, the day was started with a team building strategy (inside-outside circle) to help get each other connecting. This allowed for purposeful conversations/connections with others and potential making of "super friends" (another blog post on that topic will be coming). I pushed myself throughout the day to have small conversations with those that I didn't know...even if it was just a question.

Side note--Last week I ran across a post by a person that I respect in the tech community (which I cannot find again to link), that talked about attending a conference on her own. She expressed some of the same shyness that I feel! I was so thankful for her honesty!! I think we forget that others, even those better in our eyes, struggle or have struggled with some of the same things that we/I do.

Overall, I loved EdCamp. You can't beat a free opportunity to collaborate and connect!! If you want to go, but do not want to "go alone"...give me a shout! I will be your "super friend" for the day :)

EdCamp year two goals:
1. Attend with a "participation" attitude. Even to the point of suggesting and facilitating a session!
2. Connect more. Eat lunch with a group.
3. Attend a session that I know about (verses wanting to learn about) to help the conversations.


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