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Digging Out

Here where I live we are "digging out" of the foot of snow that has blanketed our surroundings. My kids have loved it. Wednesday they let out school early and we have been out the rest of the week. For the kids it has meant extra tv, playing in the snow, snow ice-cream and sledding. Here are just a couple of highlights: I find myself wanting to complain. Complain about being stuck inside, stuck with kids that don't know what to do with themselves...just stuck. But the truth is I need to "dig out" of that attitude! We have had extra mornings to snuggle and sleep in. We had cookie making with my science class. I can't even begin to express how cool it was to have my college girls and my girls together for this special time! And the icing on the cake? I have to say was family time sledding.  The best way to reduce stress...slide down a hill like a loon on your belly! Happy digging out!

Part 2: SoCal Cabbie

I have spent the last couple days on the couch taking care of my youngest with her first case of the "stomach bug". Yesterday we watched the movie Bedtime Stories and today I am inspired to continue the saga of the technology princess on her adventure. If you didn't catch the story you can catch up  here . Last we read:  Upon her arrival at the destination, she found herself a smidgen under dressed for this beach.... (see below and ignore the guy in the picture...more on him later in another story). Well, this is the story about "that guy" in the picture. The call of the beach had beaconed them. Days of lessons indoors had been endured and the allure of the city and its beauty could no longer be ignored. Although, the princess might have questioned her dress it would not diminish her adventure in one bit. The private car (taxi) had taken them to the beach. My memories are unclear as to how much talk if any this ride had. I do know that the t

Another shameless plug

Yes, this is another shameless plug for my favorite professional development tool.... SimpleK12 and a little for myself. Not too long ago I was interviewed via Skype for a promotional video and it is now live! Take a look for yourself and watch for me...