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Privacy Please?!

I'm sure you have seen them.... "Facebook has changed it's privacy settings...I'll be posting this on my timeline for the next ..." types of posts. I have struggled with whether to respond or not. And if I did, just how to word the response. Recently, a fellow techie addressed this on her Facebook page (as well as some other "issues"): Bottom line: Facebook is a public place. Reality? I am for the most part a private person. I'll be honest.  However, I am learning how to weigh the balance of private and public that I need in this entity. I/it am/is a work in progress :) Here are some things to think about: 1. There are privacy settings that you can adjust for yourself. 2. Even individual posts can be set for different privacy settings. 3. You can untag yourself from tagged photos or edit your albums privacy settings.  For me the biggest issue is not what I

Had enough?!

Lately I've been a little on the grumpy side. Some days you could say that I had had enough! Enough of this or enough of that. As I sat outside in the cool fall evening, I was reminded that I should be happy in enough.  *We have enough food and do not go hungry. *We have enough gas in the car to get where we need to go. *We have enough clothing to keep us warm and cool as the seasons dictate. *We have enough money to pay the bills. Yes, sometimes I will have enough and be frustrated. However for tonight, I am thankful to have enough.