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ISTE Day 3

I started out today with a free glass of milk with my breakfast sandwich! You may not think much of this, but yesterday I saw that a small container for sale in the conference center for a "pretty penny". So I will take what I can get! To avoid the crowded lines etc. of the keynote, I found a small overflow area to watch. While waiting I was engaged in a conversation with a college prof from New York. He even wrote a book! It is funny who you will end up next to. Here is his info: The keynote was very inspiring. Kevin Carroll was the speaker. A self proclaimed Katalyst ("c" changed to "k" on purpose for the "k" in Kevin). Here were my big take aways (at least the things that I liked that he said): We have been placed where we are for a purpose and to make a difference Everyone needs their own CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) What is your red rubber ball? (your passion and purpose) Play is the highest form of research -Albert Einstei

Getting my Geek On!

 :)  I was super excited about this one!  All the supplies  Step one: Pop out all the pieces  Getting there!  I think that is it! Remove the battery next (upper photo)    Now it is assembly time!  Placement and then sew...  Sewing!!  More sewing  More....  Now to the other side....  And fully assembled and lighting! Cool huh?! You can access the presentation here  and more info on the product here . Here are a couple of her other ideas that I wanted to document. 

ISTE 2014 Day 2

Greetings from Atlanta! This is day #2 of my ISTE 2014 adventure. The day started off at 8am with poster sessions. I took a quick walk about and decided that I should get to the first session of the day. Here is on piece of info I picked up with "Flipping this Library" First up: "eCommunication: Using social media for PR, PD, and community engagement.  Link  to my notes and below is a photo from the session. Having some time between sessions, I hit the EXPO hall! It is always impressive to see the number of booths! I always try to have a plan of specific ones that I want to see, but it never fails that I wander up and down aimlessly. I did stop for this photo. Next session was "iBooks Author: Creating accessible, universal designed instructional materials" one of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) ticketed event. For these events you have to signup for them at registration (or take your chances and stand in line). I have lots of notes as to the "

ISTE 2014 Night 1

I have never, in all my three years of going to ISTE seen so many lines! I was flabbergasted by the line for the poster session tonight! Thankfully I wasn't too far back, but no one was let in until 7. The crazy thing was that then we were all headed in to this area of the center at the same time. We were shoulder to shoulder at the tables. And you would think that a bunch of teachers, would know how to wait in line :) Enough complaining! Here is the good stuff! The resources gathered and now shared..... Table: Oodles of Resources for the Primary Classroom Table: Create a World-Class Robotics Program @ Your School Resource handout is linked here: The robots could pick up the ball and put it into a "basket". I will try to link the short video later. Table: Primary Kids Can... Resource Link Table: Flipping PD Resource Link: http://flippingpd.wikispace

ISTE 2014 Day 1

"Up and adam" this morning at 3:00am and on the road to the airport by 4:00. It was an early morning for sure! Thankfully the weather held off and only a few bumps of the clouds were felt as we ascended to our cruising altitude. I had the pleasure of sitting by a young soldier on his way to Germany for his first assignment. A short flight and we landed in Atlanta. As I made my way out of the airport, I was greeted by a huge "Welcome ISTE participants" banner. Which I should have taken a photo of, but didn't...too focused on where to find my shuttle ride to the hotel. Not only did I find the shuttle ride booth, but also a fellow Kansas educator. Not just any old Kansas educator, but Dyane Smokorowski (2013 Kansas Teacher of the Year). And you know what? She knew my name, we shook hands, and had fun conversation on the shuttle! This is why I love conferences....seeing those that we connect with on social media, in person. The next stop was my hotel. Let me tel


It seems every year something happens near to my departure that leaves me feeling torn about leaving for ISTE. One year my husband's grandmother's funeral was during my trip. That same year I learned my childhood friend's memorial service was also  during my planned trip. Each year I leave while my daughter is finishing her last weekend of performances in the local community theatre. We wouldn't necessarily go to all the performances, but somehow it still doesn't feel very "motherly" to be gone. This year I learned my dad is scheduled for heart surgery during my trip. I hate having to be out of state during his surgery! But my parents are saying "go" so I will go. Torn! Again I will head off with some reservation. Frustrated that I can't be two places at once. Again I will leave my loved ones in the hands of other loved least there are plenty of loved ones to cover each other's needs! Yesterday my concern was whether or not I co


I can get lost quickly in the Pinterest postings. I love the DIY section specifically. The ideas for pallets, old doors, etc. make me want to go find such items and create! I have several items save to boards that are titled "make it", "home", and "sewing". Here are a couple that I would like to create: The problem is that I don't really know that I have the skills, patience, or time to do these things. I love the idea of creating the stuff, but not the process of creating the stuff. Probably the patience part is my biggest hinderance. In my mind the projects do not take a lot of reality they do. I just completed the second "upcycle" project for my girls' rooms at our new house. These projects have involved taking their old bookshelves and painting them to match the new room themes. But seriously if I have to add one more coat of paint..... I am convinced my patience issue must be behind why they create "all i

ISTE Reflections

This will be my third ISTE conference. I thought it would be fun to look back and make some comparisons. Year 1: San Diego, California  Rooming with someone I know of, but do not really know. First big travel experience on my own. Memorable moments: 1) wearing the SimpleK12 bunny slippers from the hotel to the conference center and all around the conference for the day (as seen to the left with my SimpleK12 ladies) 2) the id10t? shirt (see related post ) 3) Mayium Bialik (I was a little star struck) 4) These wonderful ladies who took me under their care and helped me not be lonely or nervous about my first ISTE experience (pictured below and left) This is the Kidblog creator in the photo along with Teresa and Mary Carole This was my bag: Year 2: San Antonio, Texas Late plans made (within two weeks of going). Again rooming with someone I really do not know. Ended up not staying at a hotel at all (see related post). Memorable moments:

Technology Princess to Ride Again!

It is that time of year again! The Technology Princess is about to log another adventure in less than two weeks. This year's destination? Atlanta or Hot-lanta as many refer to it as. To avoid last year's last minute decisions and lack of a decent hotel, the princess requested early everything! Early registration enabled early housing requests. Early housing request, enabled her to have the best of the best (meaning the closest hotel). This hotel just may be fit for a princess! This year the princess will enjoy a non-stop flight to her destination. No layovers, changing planes, or worry about missed connections. Just a short three hour flight! Her early arrival will allow for early sight seeing as well. Coke Museum is on the top of the list for possible stops. Once she has drunk in (pun intended) all the sights at the Coke Museum, it will be off to see if her room is ready.  Once she has settled her belongings into her room, it will be off to the conference! St

Trust in the Wine Press

I'm amazed at how God works in sometimes the strangest ways....even through social media :) We were given very sad news about a close friend this afternoon. Our hearts are hurting. As I've scrolled though posts today (even before the news) over and over, there have been posts about emotional events.... Or wounds (left from an emotional event) And here about broken hearts And here...the squeeze if the wine press Similar themes. And somewhat similar question...what will you do in the "emotional event"/the hard times/the stretching times/the heartbreaking times? "Will you trust Him while in the wine press?" Will you trust Him to bring about good in the tough...even heart breaking times? "He is always there to deliver you!" He is able to heal the broken hearted. Oh, yes, there may be scars let behind from these times...but will those scars show off beauty? Beauty of surrender, of survival, of faith, of stretching growth...for us and possibly those arou