ISTE 2014 Day 2

Greetings from Atlanta! This is day #2 of my ISTE 2014 adventure.

The day started off at 8am with poster sessions. I took a quick walk about and decided that I should get to the first session of the day. Here is on piece of info I picked up with "Flipping this Library"
First up: "eCommunication: Using social media for PR, PD, and community engagement. Link to my notes and below is a photo from the session.

Having some time between sessions, I hit the EXPO hall! It is always impressive to see the number of booths! I always try to have a plan of specific ones that I want to see, but it never fails that I wander up and down aimlessly.
I did stop for this photo.

Next session was "iBooks Author: Creating accessible, universal designed instructional materials" one of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) ticketed event. For these events you have to signup for them at registration (or take your chances and stand in line). I have lots of notes as to the "best practices" and other info, but unfortunately the bulk of this "bring your device" session was taking notes and not creating. Here is the link to my notes. I honestly thought by the title and description that by the end of my hour session I would have created a useable start to an iBook....but no. I hope the resources that were given will help me do it on my own time!

This year I paid for a workshop session. I NEVER have done this (in my three years :)). This was well worth the time and maybe worth the money. "Get Your Geeky Craft on with Soft Circuit Sewing" will have to be a follow up post with all the photos I took of the process! So be sure to check that out later. I love the idea of "making" and the "maker movement. I also love I figured that this was a win-win. It was an hour and a half "create and explore" workshop. It was a nice change of pace to have such a hand's on activity.

I headed off from my "craft time" to the next session. I stopped first at "Invent to Learn: Making, tinkering, and engineering in the classroom". However, the line was long and I was informed that it would be one of the videotaped sessions to I checked out another. (Those of you who are not familiar with ISTE Conferences, some sessions are recorder and access to the recordings will be on the conference website.) Stop number two was "Remix, repurpose, redesign: Promoting student ownership and engagement". This time I entered the room to find what looked like the session being recorded (there was a camera at the back of the room). This time I took the information from the screen for the resources. Here is the link (it is on Pinterest). Here is another dropped in session via photo:
Link to info:

In the end I opted to return to the EXPO hall for another trip around the venders. I don't know where time goes when you are in this room! But when you have an area that looks like this....

Last stop for the day was the session "Personalized coaching for teachers: Creating time and resources". Wish you could have been there? Well, your wish is my command! Here is the presentation link look for the ISTE presentation (forth from the left). I love the idea of flipping professional development! I just hate the presentation was straight off the slides and I could have gotten them from the conference website and gone to another session. It probably didn't help that I was tired and hungry!

Thankful again for the proximity of my hotel, I dropped off my bags (yes bags...remember I visited the EXPO hall not once but twice). *If you are my husband reading this....I do not have as much stuff as in the past...yet :) And then it was off for food!

Another great day of learning!


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