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6 Months Home

I've been asking this a lot lately, but "Where has the time gone?" Six months ago (plus a little) -- in October 2019, I was in NYC at the Google Innovator Academy. SIX MONTHS ago.  Now I could talk about how different the world is now, but for the focus of today's blog I'll keep the focus on the academy itself. The academy. I honestly can't keep from smiling when I mention it. Wearing my shirts associated with the academy make me feel connected, stronger, and able to do more. My team and cohort are an amazing source of resources, innovation, strength, and smiles. Part of the academy and Google Innovator process is the innovator project. You can visit the past reflections in this blog to give you more of a background. However, here we are at the six month checkin for our Innovator journeys! And actually, this was slotted to have been last month. However, do to COVID-19 we have been given some extensions. So the 6/7 month checkin was completed