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One Month Home

One month home... It seems like I reflect on time in a "post academy" way now. Maybe it is due to the impact and pivot that I feel that it has brought me. The hard part now... continuing the process without the group. It was one thing to work for the three days away from the world, but another carrying on with all the day-to-day expectations. Now it seems like it is time to see how our ideas can blend with our current world. I'm afraid however, too often the project is on the back burner of my mind. My greatest that it fades in excitement or doesn't become anything. This impactful of an event needs to result in some completion...change...advancement... And I believe the academy plans for this... I love that the academy not only connected all of us together (all 42), in teams (of 7), and with an upcoming mentor (1). Our team has committed to meeting monthly. We have a social committee to keep the, connected, and on our minds. Not to