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Continuing on the Journey

Continuing the journey to ISTE Educator Certification.... If you read my blog, you will know that I started this journey in up on the journey here . Following the online portion of our training, it was time to demonstrate our learning through a portfolio. We were to use nine to 14 artifacts, to demonstrate our knowledge and application of 24 standards, plus an additional reflection component. And with that the final leg of the journey began. Collecting, reviewing, reflecting, and applying the ISTE standards. I was motivated to get this going and done, so I found as many evening and weekend times to work as I could.  Eleven artifacts later.... I had a completed portfolio using LiveBinders and Google Drive. After debating, re-reading, adjusting, and contemplating...I submitted my portfolio on October 17th. And the wait for results began...and it could be up to two weeks. Waiting is hard! However, on October 22nd, I received the news that I had PASSED!