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Symbaloo  is a different way to organize your web resources (or bookmarks). I have been searching for another way to organize and share my bookmarks. Like I said in another post, I have over 1,000 sites bookmarked. However, the piece that I left out is --this may be a surprise-- I can't always find what I want. I know that I have a resource, but can't find it again. I have tried to do a good job to "tagging" the sites so that I can easily search by a given "tag". I have also started making "lists" to gather specific resources together. I have created "groups" and shared with specific classes. Something about Symbaloo EDU appealed to me. Those of you that know me know that I am a sucker for anything FREE! This certainly falls into that category. I like pictures and that is a plus here. If you want pictures from your favorite actual site you have to be creative. Symbaloo will provide generic icons that you can put with each resource. In

Creating Online Works of Art

I came upon two fun sites that you can create art like a real artist. One is Picassohead  and the other is Jackson Pollock . Once you enter the Jackson Pollock site, your mouse (or finger) paints the screen. Any click or touch changes the color and creates a bigger "blob" of paint. If you right click you have the option to print your work of art. I chose a "print screen" instead and used Paint to crop the screen printing. Then I was able to use my picture for a computer background. Here is the picture: The Picassohead is less about blobs and lines and more about heads. You are able to make choices for the head shape, eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, etc. You can also add color to your "face". Again you have options to print, but you are also able to save and email. If you are lucky enough maybe you will receive a nice picassohead from me! It just might look like this beaut.... This best part of this site was being able to add my signature! Fun. To make this