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9 months home

 Well, we will say around 9 months home. It’s actually closer to 11. In fact, we’ve celebrated one year post our acceptance and invitation to the academy! One year from learning our teams. It doesn’t seem possible! The year long journey is nearing its end. It hasn’t been the easiest with COVID-19 mixed in. We’ve had extended deadlines and all the other emotions of the times. Today I’m feeling a bit nostalgic and enjoying looking back at the process and journey. Remembering the people and time we had together in NYC. My folder is out in front of me... And I’m full of wonder still. How did I get into this group? This group of 42 from 100,’s applying? Will my project be something? Will it be something special and useable?  And how do I get it where it needs to be? I have some amazing supporting players.  My coach and mentor - Desiree Alexander My friend and initial database builder - Adam Geisen My brother - Mark Smerchek, who is helping me take the project further and truly own it My Pow