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This little rocket ship may not seem like much. If it caught your attention, you might look at it and wonder about it. Why does it have a circle on the right upper side? Is that an open window? Why are the letters "L" and "M" on it? What if I were to tell you that only graduates receive them? That the letters stand for "Launch Me". And that circle on the side, is so that it can be worn with pride.  But no, it has nothing to do with NASA! However, everything to do with a launch. Intrigued? So was I! Here is where it all started: Was I ready to take my skills to new places? As an instructor or presenter I know that I can keep refining and fine tuning my presentation skills. So, what would it hurt?! Sign me up.... So this last week I spent two days in Hutchinson at ESSDACK with two top notch presenters and forward thinkers. One is pictured above, Kevin Honeycutt . The other can be found with all things PBL, but also as co-collaborator wi


Yesterday I attended iTRAC in Wichita. iTRAC stands for Innovative Technology to Recharge and Connect. You can find more out about it and view photos from the conference on their Facebook page . If you would like to play "find Carol" I am in a couple of the photos. This was the first conference put on by iTRAC and they did a great job! iPad use was an overall theme and the conference team had them available for "check out". For a quick exchange of my drivers license I was able to use one of their iPads for the day (I had debated between computer or iPad and opted for my computer...sadly). Conference session descriptions were available on an app called Eventbase. I really like the use of an app in this way! Not only does it save money/paper, it was having us utilize the iPads. I really appreciated the application as well as the content presentation. There were a total of five sessions with at least six topic choices with in each session along with a keyno