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Measuring Success

How do you measure success? What does success look like? So often I think we measure success like a map and getting from point A to point B. If you get from A to B...success! A test with a passing score, end project scoring well on the rubric (we won't even talk about who really did the project parent or kid).... But what happens when the path of success looks different? A path with detours, backtracking, and road blocks. "Failure", the urge to quit, starting over for the umpteenth time... This week I was able to watch the "middle stuff"/process value. K-6 kiddos were given learning opportunities that were tough ("optimal ambiguity"). Students struggled. I watched teachers struggle in this process as well. It was hard to not step in, help too much, or take over for the sake of end product success.  I watched the experts I was fortunate to be with +Ginger Lewman  and Katie Perez, guiding questions, encouraging, and m