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That about sums it up! Ahhhh! A break from the daily grind! This has been a really good break from a perspective point of view. I have really been refreshed and my eyes have been opened to just how good I have it. Now do not take that as bragging! Because you see....I have honestly been full of the grumbles. I have found about every side of negative around me. However, I have had some eye opening and see just what I do have. I am looking forward to returning from break with a new perspective. I know that it will not make things disappear that once were frustrating, but maybe it will help me deal with the frustrations in a different way. Meanwhile I will continue to enjoy family, friends, and time off!


It is that TIME of the year that we question where TIME has gone. The semester is also most over. It is almost Christmas. Where has the TIME gone? I look at this blog and wonder if I will ever have TIME to use it like I would like. I question how others utilize their social media so well. I just don't have TIME! Or maybe it is a sacrifice of TIME on their part? Taking TIME from somewhere else to give to another. Sometimes I think that maybe once "x" is done I will have more TIME for "y". Yet, the TIME doesn't seem to appear.  It's finals week here at the college and time will be/should be consumed by studies, papers, final projects, and exams by the students. TIME will be consumed by instructors with grading. It has been Book Fair at ECS which adds lots to the schedule. Monday there will not be enough TIME in the day to complete the tasks that are set out between finals and the final day of the fair. As I type this we are hurried for T