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Meeting and Greeting the Cohort

I still feel in awe of being chosen for the #NYC19 #GoogleIE Cohort. It is something almost unreal or unbelievable.  However, this week we were able to put some real faces and voices to those that we have begun to connect with virtually.  We gathered and shared a little bit more about ourselves and we heard from our cohort coaches. By the end we learned who our Affinity Partner was.  Our first assignment for the week was also received! We were to work with our Affinity Partner and read their challenge description and then ask them a series of 5 Why questions in the comments. I found it a little hard to ask "why" questions. I wanted to ask "how", "where", etc. However, it really makes you dig deeper and think more about your challenge. I also thought it might help me to gather some information from some others, so I created a short Form to gather more information using my "interview questions" from my application process. If you wou

Path to Innovation Begins

The RSVP is in and varies forms submitted all confirming my intentions to attend the NYC19 Cohort. It still doesn't seem real! And this last week has honestly been a blur of activities. Tuesday evening the acceptance letter was received and Twitter went wild with posts/follows/etc. Wednesday through Friday.... Paper work with acceptance. Joining various the group on...Google Photos, Classroom, Hangout Overwhelmed by the Google Hangout  -- it went wild with posts! Talk of AirBnb plans were in motion. I booked my flight to NYC! AirBnb confirmed and booked with the group (saving $100's) New friends reaching out to ride share for the airport and do touristic things together. I don't think I've ever seen a trip come together so quickly. NYC here I come!

Did this really happen?

Remember back to the post " I did something "? I applied to be a Google Innovator in the London Cohort. Well, I did not get into that, but I did say that I would try again. And I did try again. This time for NewYork.  I would add here that when I looked at the options for Cohorts...this was the ONE that I wanted.  I submitted my application right before the deadline of August 2nd. I celebrate my birthday, the start of school and put the application in mostly the back of my mind (we were to find out on the 13th the results).  The 13th came. I was super busy at work, so it really didn't cross my mind during the day -- compare this to the previous application where I was checking email notifications all day. I happened to think about it toward evening, but nothing had come. I checked Twitter and many others were also awaiting I started our bedtime routines. At some point during our reading time, my phone was a little noisier than normal with Tw