Path to Innovation Begins

The RSVP is in and varies forms submitted all confirming my intentions to attend the NYC19 Cohort. It still doesn't seem real!

And this last week has honestly been a blur of activities.
Tuesday evening the acceptance letter was received and Twitter went wild with posts/follows/etc.
Wednesday through Friday....
Paper work with acceptance.
Joining various the group on...Google Photos, Classroom, Hangout
Overwhelmed by the Google Hangout  -- it went wild with posts!
Talk of AirBnb plans were in motion.
I booked my flight to NYC!
AirBnb confirmed and booked with the group (saving $100's)
New friends reaching out to ride share for the airport and do touristic things together.

I don't think I've ever seen a trip come together so quickly.
NYC here I come!


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