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Against the flow

Back "in the day" I remember going to the skating rink. I can still picture many of the sights, sounds, and maybe even smells. Everything from the hand stamp, trying on roller skates, finding a cubby for the street shoes, and the first step onto the rink. A couple hours of going round and round to different slow or upbeat music selections. It makes me want to say "those were the good ole days". Well, skating rinks are still around. Although I haven't stepped foot in one for many years, my oldest daughter just had her first experience. Her reflections were full of literal ups and downs as she gained her "rink legs". By the sounds of it, she had lots of helpful friends keeping her on her feet. She has a few bruises to show for the downs. However, my favorite story of her time.... My girl who never has stepped onto a rink... My girl who maybe didn't even know if she would stand on her two feel once she got rolling.... Tells me that she star

The View

I shared this with the teachers at my school as a follow up from a first of the year challenge. I thought today that I would share it with whoever else needs to hear it. ----- The View At the beginning of the year, I challenged you that this year might be like a mountain hike. The view to some would look steep and daunting. We looked at some equipment that we would need along the way: hydration pack, walking stick, poncho, etc. I was thinking today as we have reached the half way point in the year, that it as if we have climbed the mountain. We can stand upon the peak and gaze out. Right now, enjoy the view (the break)!  There may be times that you will look back at how far we have come. For many, the climb has not been easy. There have been slips and falls; sprained ankles and broken bones. Our patience and endurance has been tested, But we have made it! Now before us is another view….down. The climb down the mountain will require as much equipment, patience and e