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ISTE 2019: Here I come!

I’m headed out to ISTE 2019! This will be my 5th time attending: San Antonio, San Diego, Atlanta, Denver and now Philly. This will be my second time as a "presenter". But I will say that this trip is different in a way that I am very excited about. Each past conference attendance, I have attended alone. I have stayed with a stranger (or someone that I knew very little). *I've made some wonderful friends over the years and great memories. This year however, I am rooming with a friend I made in my ISTE Certification training and reuniting with many of my other new friends from the training as well (and presenting with them). I am meeting up with lots of familiar faces this time....and I can't wait. The past has been full of strangers faces, but this time will be full of friends!! Philly, I’m on my way!

Quick update...

Well, I didn't get into the Google Innovator group for London. And that's okay. Like I said...I will try again. The New York group is accepting applications next.