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Doing what I love...

Did you know that this coming week is Teacher Appreciation Week? In fact, May 7th is National Teacher Day! Teaching is a tough job. It is a job that tends to have long hours, low pay, and as a consolation prize...summers off. I say it is a "consolation prize" because saying teachers have summers off in itself is a misnomer. If you would ask almost any teacher, the summer really isn't "off". Teachers are often filling their summer with planing, professional development, and school assigned work. Why would someone choose this career path then? I will give you my answer:        Simply put....I love what I do! I love being able to share my educational passion with children. It is a new adventure every day!

Fun Photo Tool

Tech Tool Post! Yippie!! Here is a fun photo tool that I found recently. Photovisi -- Easy Photo Collage It is says that it is easy and let me tell you, it is! This is a quick, easy and free tool! You can even create without registering or login (the main benefit to registration and login is saving). I love the ability to learn about the tool without having to go through the registration process! Step 1: Is to choose your collage layout. I was initially disappointed with the choices with the first grouping (popular) that is shown. Many of the  "popular" choices are locked. However, there are lots of choices under each of the categories below the popular. Step 2: Add your photos, change the background and text as you desire. Here is what I created to use as my banner for Facebook: Step 3: Click Finish  Once the preparation is completed click continue Step 4: You are ready to download Step 5: You can now choose to download, share, or use a