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One of my favs...Screen Capture/Record (part 1)

One of my favorite things with technology is screen capture/recording. There is something about finding a way to get what you need and doing it yourself. Example: Creating a step-by-step "how to" with either images or video. Example: Record your instruction and flip your classroom. Whatever you use it for, there are three tools that I like to use. This post is part one of three and each will focus on a screen capture/record tool that I like using. Jing ( ) The little sun on my screen! Use the "+" to capture all or part of your screen as an image or choose to video capture. Add text, arrows, highlighting, or shapes to your image. (see image below) Jing is free. It works on Mac or Windows and is downloaded to your computer. Once your image is captured you are able to copy or save it for use. No matter what your choice is, it will be kept within Jing and can be viewed again (just choose the view button as


Mean Median Mode Range With me so far? Variance Standard Deviation Still with me? Linear correlation How about now? Let these terms explain the recent lack of posts! I have been in the middle of the stats portion of my Educational Assessment and Statistics (new) class. So far it is Stats Class 6 - Me 0....stats portion is "kicking my tail" (and I'm the teacher)! On the bright side....if you would like to know how to figure any of the above terms, I can figure each by hand (and calculator). Stick around the stats portion is about over and I can reclaim my brain for other actions :)

Dear Neighbor: Clean Up Your Yard

I have to confess, if Hoarders is on TV... my eyes I can't look away. There is something about the show and people that gets my emotions involved and I feel myself mad, sad, etc.  I find myself in disbelief as the camera pans from room to room and the drama plays out. Videos like in the image below. I hear the questions from everyone wondering how it could have gotten "this bad". The inside hoard tends to make it out into the front/back yard. This is when neighbors start to complain about the look and smell.  I cringe when the helpers come and crinkle up their noses at the smell of the house. Shock and awe would describe how "outsiders" (and myself) react. Then the clean up process begins. ------ Our college students are currently being encouraged to go through a "technology detox" and take time away from technology (social media, etc.). It is a result from both an over dependence/indulgence with technology (cell phones) and ramp

Social Media

Love it or hate it? Good or bad? When used appropriately it is powerful. When used negatively it is equally powerful. Social media provides a way to communicate and collaborate with others globally.  Engage and s hare resources, best-practices, examples. And i t's free! Social media also provides a way to act without thinking, say things we might never say to others, and do so freely. Social media can help you find answers, jobs, meet new friends and more. Social media could cause you receive false information, keep you from getting hired, hurt friendships and more. The power is in your hands and at your finger tips.  Use it wisely and the world is opened, possibilities are almost endless, and attainable. Unwisely used it is a record of missed opportunities.

ISTE on the mind

Anyone going to ISTE14 ? This is the "big one" for me. The college is paying for me to travel to Atlanta this summer to learn all that I can from the International Society for Technology in Education Conference. I committed early this year. Registered during the early bird special and was able to reserve my hotel a week prior to others. This meant that I was able to nab THE hotel.... Omni (the closest hotel to the conference). I have a double room to myself (for now) and will be looking for someone who would like to bunk with me (and help me save $$). So while I should have been blogging yesterday, I was perusing the program . Acting early I registered for some BYOD sessions (that tend to fill up) and for the first time signed up for a paid workshop. I am REALLY excited about some of these! Here are my BYOD selections: iBooks Author: Creating accessible, universally designed instructional materials (BS106) iStart to iFinish: Creating student-centered iPad lesso

Website Exploration: Livebinders

I've decided to use Tech with Tia's Calendar for inspiration. I love this digital teacher resource that she has created to encourage technology exploration. The first website on the list is Livebinders and so let's explore it! As the site states, the idea is that it is a virtual 3-ring binder. However, this 3-ring binder is FREE! You can "save" lots of great resources in your binder, as you can see in the image below. I have seen this used for conferences to house all the presenters information, teachers organizing information, student online portfolios, and more. Specific ideas for education can be found here  on the site. Livebinders is easy to use. I love the examples and even template binders that you can find. This is a resource that should have been in my "top 10" presentation! I think that it is a great resource for collecting and sharing resources! And if that wasn't enough, I just realized today that they even hav

Much to say about nothing...

It's Saturday. Which means that I have a blog post to write. And I've got NOTHING! I tried to look into some of the Techformers challenges and could not muster an ounce of creativity to begin. I think I have Brain-drain! I'll at least blame it on the sinus pressure/headache that has developed. I could write about the week, but much is better left unsaid than said. I'll just say that it has been a long week. New schedules: teaching two classes a day on M/W/F, five library classes on Tuesday and two on Thursday; plus figuring out how best to prep for each when I am not at each place everyday is taking some adjusting. It is really hard  leaving Thursday and not returning until Tuesday at ECS. I had thought I would feel more "in the loop" being at one place for the whole day....but I'm left feeling like I'm loosing out even more. Some adjustments are going to need to be made! Some will be blogging/talking about the "big game" this weekend