Much to say about nothing...

It's Saturday.
Which means that I have a blog post to write.
And I've got NOTHING!

I tried to look into some of the Techformers challenges and could not muster an ounce of creativity to begin. I think I have Brain-drain! I'll at least blame it on the sinus pressure/headache that has developed.

I could write about the week, but much is better left unsaid than said. I'll just say that it has been a long week. New schedules: teaching two classes a day on M/W/F, five library classes on Tuesday and two on Thursday; plus figuring out how best to prep for each when I am not at each place everyday is taking some adjusting. It is really hard  leaving Thursday and not returning until Tuesday at ECS. I had thought I would feel more "in the loop" being at one place for the whole day....but I'm left feeling like I'm loosing out even more. Some adjustments are going to need to be made!

Some will be blogging/talking about the "big game" this weekend. I will not. I'll be honest, I don't care to watch sports. I have a ba-gillion (spell?...maybe it's my own word and I'll spell it how I want to) things that I want to do over sitting and watching sports!

I'll avoid writing about how I am avoiding housework and "homework" (my class prep) by playing Juice Cubes or Can You Escape games. To my defense it is Saturday :) and I've talked about benefits of gaming :) :)

I'll also avoid talking about the weather. Let's just say that we have a fire going, I'm in sweats, and my kids are scootering in the house. When there is snow on the ground, this girl just wants to stay home.

This post could be about spring....but I have a love-hate relationship with spring. I love the season of spring! The temperatures, flowers, smell, rain showers, etc. However, I hate the transitional feeling it brings. In education, spring always brings contracts and decisions for change. I know that change can be good, but the process of change is often difficult/unrestful (fill it in with the synonym of choice).

I could probably write about a lot of things....but none of those things are coming to mind. Just a bunch of disconnected ramblings.

Sorry! I guess I have "much to say about nothing" today.


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