The open door

Have you ever gone to Walmart?
   The answer is probably yes.

Have you ever gone to Walmart and noticed the doors?
    Now I may have you thinking and picturing. I may have you wondering why I am asking.

Let me help you with the picture....
    Look familiar?

Let's zoom in a little....

Now it is time for a little honesty....
        How many of you pay any attention to the enter and exit signs? Do you enter through the exit and    exit through the enter?

I noticed something today.

There is a motion sensor on both sides. Take a look at the picture again....

If I am only to enter through the enter side, why would there be a sensor on the exit side?

In fact, today that door opened first for me! Why would I not enter through it? Who doesn't go through a door that opens for them?

Maybe it doesn't matter in the long run which door to enter through. Just don't run into the lady who barks at you, "It says exit!" Yes, true story! My husband and I were chided by another person for entering the wrong door.

Why so much talk about open doors?

Well, you see I have been thinking a lot about finding "open doors" and what "door" is right in my life. It happens sometimes at the end of a year. In my field, we sign yearly contracts. It seems like an open opportunity to look at the doors. And sometimes it almost seems like I am entering an exit or exiting an entrance. Will doors close that need to close and open that need to open? And do you enter an open door? Or bypass it for another?

I think of all our "ready to graduate" seniors and the doors that they are exploring in their lives. 
       Sometimes it just might make sense to exit an entrance---the job is just not the right fit 
       Sometimes it just might make sense to enter an exit---go where you didn't think you wanted to go

Just watch out for the crazy lady who just might yell at you. Stand just might have been the right door to go through for you.


  1. Two things:
    1. The Enter/Exit door situation at Walmart has bothered me for a long time. On top of everything you said, the doors have always seemed backwards to me.
    2. Do you live in my head, too?! As soon as I read "The Open Door", I thought, "Uh oh, this one is going to hit close to home." Not many years go by where this time of year doesn't do this to me. :)


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