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Change Happens

This week in TwirtyDays one of the challenges was to Tweet/post with the topic of change. All I could seem to come up with were sayings that I'm sure were quotes of others. I though once about taking a picture of a beautiful fall tree and saying that change could be beautiful. Nothing seemed "just right". Today I posted "change can make you appreciate what you have". Perfect for this week....maybe this year. This week I made a miss-step walking to my class and tweaked my ankle. It basically looked/s like this: And yes, those are pug slippers :) Back to the story... I went to the doctor to have her take a look. I was hoping for a pity air-cast or wrap. I got x-rays, a concerned look from the doc, a ride in a wheelchair, more x-rays, more rides in wheelchair, told to stay off said foot until Tuesday's appointment with the orthopedic and a prescription for crutches. The crutches were fun for the first day (which really was a half the day). End of day one, I was