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Critics, Criticism and Learning

As I think of a title for this post I am not sure whether to title it "venting", "criticalness", or what. I will start by saying that I just came back from a two day conference. A conference that was...different than the normal. It was streamed in from a location somewhere else and we watched from our seats in this big room. To be honest I think many of us came into the conference with a complaining attitude. This was new and not what we "wanted". Honestly I was very critical at times with the surroundings, with the comfort, and with some of the speakers. One speaker didn't present the information in a way that was interesting to me or the information that I had hoped for. Then came today. I shared a presentation with SimpleK12 about organizing my library. I thought I had good information that some beginners (like me) could benefit from. The backchannel feedback was very discouraging. Some were very critical of a librarian without training both se

Character Songs

I am currently in the middle of teaching Social Science Methods and Fine Arts Methods. Today I stumbled on this sight -- Have Fun Teaching . One of the menu options was "giveaways". If you know know how I feel about free stuff! I love it!! On top of that the free stuff fits perfectly into both of the methods classes! Songs are a great way to incorporate content in a fun way. Just check out the titles below: This download includes 13 Character Songs plus 13 Printable Song Lyric Sheets for teaching and learning character traits and virtues. Here is the complete track list for the Character Songs Download:   1. Community Song (Citizenship Song) 2. Caring Song Remix 3. Respect Song Remix 4. Responsibility Song 5. Patience Song 6. Fairness Song 7. Friend Song 8. Truth Song (Honesty Song) 9. Courage Song Remix 10. Hey Bully Song 11. Caring Song 12. Respect Song 13. Courage Song If you would like to know more, check out these at &

Oh, Pinterest!

In my preparation for my next webinar presentation (that includes Pinterest), I spent some time looking around Pinterest for library ideas...maybe "some" is not the word for it my time spent. If you know know that you can spend lots and lots of time. I love this image... And with Pinterest it seems that if you are looking within one specific thing, you can easily still get sidetracked. There I was looking at library organization ideas and ended up with this.... Oh, my this not cute! I love this bookmarking idea! I think that I may have to try to incorporate this with my older library students. I have the perfect slogan to go with it...can you guess? "Take a bite out of reading" or "Take a bite out of good book".  We just started Book It and I would like to feature it once each month as a reminder (October to March). I thought I would do a small activity (like the bookmarks) or printable (from Book It website).  I