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I am currently in the middle of teaching Social Science Methods and Fine Arts Methods. Today I stumbled on this sight -- Have Fun Teaching. One of the menu options was "giveaways". If you know know how I feel about free stuff! I love it!! On top of that the free stuff fits perfectly into both of the methods classes! Songs are a great way to incorporate content in a fun way. Just check out the titles below:

This download includes 13 Character Songs plus 13 Printable Song Lyric Sheets for teaching and learning character traits and virtues. Here is the complete track list for the Character Songs Download:
1. Community Song (Citizenship Song)
2. Caring Song Remix
3. Respect Song Remix
4. Responsibility Song
5. Patience Song
6. Fairness Song
7. Friend Song
8. Truth Song (Honesty Song)
9. Courage Song Remix
10. Hey Bully Song
11. Caring Song
12. Respect Song
13. Courage Song

If you would like to know more, check out these at "Character Songs" on the Have Fun Teaching site.

Here is what you have to do to win free songs.....

How To Win: To win the Free Character Songs Download, complete the following steps:
1. Create a blog post with the title: Character Songs
2. Write a short description of the Character Songs by Have Fun Teaching and how they are a great resource for teachers. You can also talk about Character Education, Good Character, The Character Songs track list show at the bottom of this post, etc.
3. Include the Character Songs Download picture in your blog post. Download the Character Songs Picture – Click Here.
4. Somewhere in your blog post, write the words "Character Songs" and hyperlink those words to point to this link: Just like it is shown in this example.
5. Email me your blog post link. Send an email to:
When Does This Contest End? This free giveaway will end on October 31st, 2012.
How To Claim Your Free Prize: Send an email to with a link to the blog post that you created. If you have completed steps 1-5 above, we will email you back with your free Character Songs Download!


  1. These Character Education Songs are perfect for your classroom! Check out these fun Character Education Songs!


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