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ISTE 2016 Day 3

ISTE Day 3 - Tuesday June 28 My internal clock has been waking me up faithfully at 5:30am (mst)...which is 6:30am at home and not at all when I even want to be awake there :) I took advantage of being up and attended my first group function - GBL (game-based learning) Coffee. The group putting this on was Bloxels. With or without the block set, the app is fun to create your own game, game character, or game background. Then off to a BYOD session "Explain Everything: Mini Master Class". This was very informative on the functionality of Explain Everything, but not very hands on...I guess the exploration is now up to me! I volunteered in the TEN (Teached Educator Network) Playground talking about professional learning with online communities. This was a lot of fun to connect and talk PLNs. Following that, I visited several posters in the PD poster session. Somewhere in the mix I visited the EXPO, was photographed with Kathy Schrock (dream photo op), met Floyd Littl

ISTE 2016 Day 2

Day 2 - Monday June 27th Today was the BIG day for me! I can't even tell you how excited I was to present my poster presentation! In fact, I think I was so excited that I wasn't ever nervous!!  Here is my table all decked out!  Standing next to my display! In action! Thanks to @ersimmons for capturing this! Presenting this poster presentation was a BLAST! Definitely the highlight of the entire trip!! I will post a special blog that will be about my presentation topic and information. The next session I attended was with my SimpleK12 friends! You can catch the 40 resources that they shared in their presentation on my Twitter feed @mrscarolnelson all are #sk12. Lori and Lisa did a great job and were sweet enough to give me a shout out! It was great to see them in person :) And connect with other presenters! Pictured are: Valerie Lewis Lori Shelley Sanchez Lisa After that, I adventured into the Expo and made the decision to ex

ISTE 2016 - Day 1

Day 1 - Sunday June 26th The day of the opening keynote, is mostly centered on getting settled. Checking in at registration is the first stop. After registration, you can get a "lay of the land". The convention center location is always HUGE and very overwhelming on the first day. As I was walking around, I found my poster presentation location and my table for the next day. Ignite sessions are quick 5 minute presentations by several presenters. I enjoy hearing from these passionate individuals. Notes are choppy, but here . The big event of the day is the keynote presentation. This year Michio Kaku shared about the future with science and technology. I was wowed by the auditorium, the music entertainment, and the keynote!   My notes from this session were with photos, but you can catch the recording here .

Count down to ISTE2016 - Top 10

Here's my Top 10 Can't Wait for ISTE a.k.a. I'm super excited about.... 10- Arriving and staying with family in Denver for the day on Saturday 9- Meeting a new friend and roommate Lisa This will be my third ISTE to stay with someone I do not know. I've met some wonderful women! +Ginger Lewman   +Sharon Riddle  Kathy Mansfield 8- Adding another bunny picture  I try to catch my favorite blue bunny ladies each year!  +SimpleK12 7- Volunteering with the  TEN Playground themed  Focused Professional Development in your PLN.  I will be there from 11-12 at station 4. 6- Volunteering on the BreakoutEDU Bus!  Even just being on the bus...near the the same state as the bus.  5- Expo hall  Which might result in more than will fit in my carry on baggage...but never fear, I take an extra "in case" bag. 4- CoffeeEdu and CoffeeGBL and anything else with coffee This will take me out of my comfort zone to meet up with a big group

When Technology Doesn't Work!

An ISTE 2016 presentation - When Technology Doesn't Work ! You have spent hours preparing to use technology, you have 20 some students eagerly waiting and the technology "fails" you! Don't panic!! Before you go with the backup plan or call for help, there are some basic troubleshooting steps that might solve your issue. Monday, June 27, 8:00–10:00 am CCC Lobby D, Table 30 See how to C.L.E.A.R. out some of that technology trouble yourself: Participants will gain confidence in using classroom technology through having troubleshooting strategies to implement. The acronym of CLEAR will remind participants of quick troubleshooting strategies. Fun online scenarios will reinforce troubleshooting strategies. A LiveBinders resource will provide an extra resources for participants.

Memory Moment

Four years ago, my childhood friend left this world. I have memories that are still so vivid with Stacie! In a memory moment, I can be back in time to our middle school/high school years. Probably not many of us really care to travel back to that time of our lives! However, I welcome these glimpses just to see, hear and enjoy the memory moment with her. Moments of laughter and tears that always are linked with true friendships. True friendships last through transitional times apart. After high school, we each went different directions with school and careers. Facebook, phone calls, and once-in-awhile-get-togethers helped keep us connected. This picture is from one of the times we were able to meet and catch up with each other. Red Lobster for some popcorn shrimp...if my memory serves me. A little over four years ago, Stacie found out she had lymphoma. She handled the diagnosis and treatments with a strength and grace that amazed. She had a strong tower of faith! Stacie