Count down to ISTE2016 - Top 10

Here's my Top 10 Can't Wait for ISTE a.k.a. I'm super excited about....

10- Arriving and staying with family in Denver for the day on Saturday

9- Meeting a new friend and roommate Lisa
This will be my third ISTE to stay with someone I do not know. I've met some wonderful women!
+Ginger Lewman +Sharon Riddle Kathy Mansfield

8- Adding another bunny picture 
I try to catch my favorite blue bunny ladies each year! +SimpleK12

7- Volunteering with the TEN Playground themed Focused Professional Development in your PLN. I will be there from 11-12 at station 4.

6- Volunteering on the BreakoutEDU Bus! 
Even just being on the bus...near the the same state as the bus. 

5- Expo hall 
Which might result in more than will fit in my carry on baggage...but never fear, I take an extra "in case" bag.

4- CoffeeEdu and CoffeeGBL and anything else with coffee
This will take me out of my comfort zone to meet up with a big group or people that I do not introverted self will be rebelling. 

3- BYOD sessions, not to mention the other 1,000ish session choices
Watch for Tweets from @mrscarolnelson or #iste2016 and posts here on the blog for all the session goodness! You can see the whole ISTE program here.

2- Connecting with PLN in person (hope to catch some pics together)

1-Presenting at ISTE for the first time! 


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