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2015 Goal

Last year I chose a word goal, verses a resolution. My word for the 2014 year has been "stretch". I've been amazed over this year how fitting the word has been for what I have faced. I certainly have been stretched this year! As I look toward a new year and a new goal, the words "step back" have come to mind.  Over the last few days, I've stepped back from the daily grind and enjoyed slower pace. I've stepped back from some technology and picked up crocheting, playing games and other activities. I've enjoyed time with family and friends. Great things are around us to enjoy, sometimes we just have to step back to enjoy. Sometimes we have to step back from a situation to gain a better viewpoint. Just like with taking photos, we might need to step back to get everyone into the frame. We can become to narrow viewed to have the image we really need.  Other times we might have to take a step back (in our viewpoint) in position or potent

Childhood meet the future

Who doesn't like a good coloring page?! It is something that even now if I'd take the time to color a page, it instantly "takes me back". This morning as I looked through the morning news (Facebook), my friend Brenda had shared the following post: Between the inner-child who loves to color and the geek who loves technology, I had to check this out!  Fortunately, the app is now available for Apple....downloaded! The app comes with four free coloring pages (one of each of the characters). I was able to print the coloring page with my phone via our wifi enabled printer.  *The pages and characters are located in the "my saved stuff" section. Click on the character that you would like to use first. Then you are taken to the "characters" tab (the "pages" tab is purple). This was confusing to me at first, in that I thought I was on the