Childhood meet the future

Who doesn't like a good coloring page?! It is something that even now if I'd take the time to color a page, it instantly "takes me back".

This morning as I looked through the morning news (Facebook), my friend Brenda had shared the following post:

Between the inner-child who loves to color and the geek who loves technology, I had to check this out! 

Fortunately, the app is now available for Apple....downloaded! The app comes with four free coloring pages (one of each of the characters). I was able to print the coloring page with my phone via our wifi enabled printer. 

*The pages and characters are located in the "my saved stuff" section. Click on the character that you would like to use first. Then you are taken to the "characters" tab (the "pages" tab is purple). This was confusing to me at first, in that I thought I was on the pages tab and couldn't get it to function like I wanted. Once you are on the "pages" tab, you will see the free page in white and the others shaded. I was able to then click on the free page and given the choice to save (to photos) or print.

Honestly, the geek inside won out over the inner-child and I didn't even color this before playing. The photo above shows the printed coloring page as seen through the app. I did scan the page under the "play" option, and the next time (as seen above) it recognizes it. See that "4D"? Click it and let the coolness take over!

This still photo doesn't do it justice. There is music and movement to this 4D model of Barbie. What about blows the mind is the ability to move the camera, see Barbie, and see your real world (aka my table) all together.

Be still my nerd heart! Childhood meet the future of coloring! 

If I, can't wait for more coloring page fun, some can be ordered prior to the coloring book release in January. I can be content for now with the free versions. However, there is something about special crayons....that may be another story!

Stay tuned for more....the coloring has begun at our house!


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