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Hitting the ISTE Certification

The journey to ISTE Certified Teacher took me to St. Louis this last week. My adventured started online a week before and now in-person at METC (one of four training locations in the US). A total of 29 educators from multiple states gathered together in the METC's training facility for two days. This group was selected as one of the 1st cohort groups. Excited about my travels, I awoke at 2:00am (an hour ahead of my alarm). Giving up gaining any additional sleep, around 3:00am I showered and prepared for my 4:15 pick up and delivery to the airport. Boarding the plane at 5:50am and getting on our way by 6:20am, put me in St. Louis around 7:30am.  Once in St. Louis, I road in my first UBER ride! It was a very nice experience and I would recommend it. My driver was a very good and kept a nice conversation going. I found a seat in our training room just a couple hours ahead of the start time of 10am. The room slowly began to fill with strangers from all over -- ev