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A new dream, but still technically speaking

The end of the 2020-2021 schools year—April brought an interview and ultimately two offers of employment.  Neither position in education.  This was the first time in YEARS considering positions outside of education. I’d had my “dream” position.  I’d achieved a lot in my educational career… Apple Teacher Google for Education Certified Trainer ISTE Certified Educator Making IT Happen Leader Award Winner Google for Education Innovator And I chose a position that wasn’t with a school/district.  There have been times I’ve wondered if I was letting down those achievements by making the change out of education. Even the bio I’ve used for years, didn’t seem to fit any longer. A huge part of who I am/was - was tied to education. I love my new position! Love it…yet, I still have a few lingering thoughts of where I now belong now within the educational community.  But I’ve realized I will always have a place and belong...just in new ways/levels. I will always have a heart and passion for educatio