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The Pain in Change

Getting past the pain in change... The title of the Facebook post caught my attention. It put words to some of my feelings lately. My last post talked about all the changes we have going on in our lives. And with those changes there have been moments of "pain".  Pain (not physical) of jumping through hoops of getting a house bought.  Growing pains of being stretched to learn new things and take on new roles. Pain of "loss" at times for the way things used to be...comfort. Enter the blog.... The following quotes are from Proverbs 31 devotions and can be found in full at "It seems God often needs to change someone’s position so they can see things in a fresh way. In today’s key verse, Jesus had more to show three of the disciples, so He led them up a high mountain by themselves. A place away from others. A place not easily accessible. But a place where He would change their perspective. Here, b

Stress, Changes and Puzzles

I remember some stress test that I took one time and it seems like the more changes the higher your score. I keep thinking about that as I look at the number of changes that are occurring in my life. Spring break brought the first major change to our reality with having to move. At that time this information knocked us off our feet. This was NOT on our radar! We wanted to continue to rent for a few more years to pay off cars, etc. Renting soon became a "non-option" as we saw the rental options available to us. And house hunting began. The whole house buying process is a lot of work, worry and stress....even before the actual moving work, worry and stress. With the change in housing giving us question marks, we began to look at other working options as well. Everything from possibilities of working in Kansas City to staying put were all on the table. All we knew was we were moving and why not be open to moving wherever. Where then do we look for houses? That was the hardes

Finals Week

Finals Week! It happens twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring. Professors hope that all the knowledge that they have bestowed upon their eager learners will be showcased in their final exam. We imagine our papers are top on their "to-do" list. Resource files have been worked on all semester and will glow with learning and reflection. It might be as if students are screaming, "Let me show my knowledge!". In reality, we (professors) hope that the students will be able to dig deep in the inner "bowels" of their brain to find the file of information that they may or may not have filed away. The paper is left to the absolute last minute possible and maybe even a smidgen past. All other projects are done in a similar fashion. It might be as if students are screaming "I'll never get it all done....just let me outta here!". So here is to finals week! May your late night breakfast feed not only your body, but also your mind...s

Small Town Girl

I'm a small town girl. I didn't grow up that way. I spent about half my life as a big city girl. Although my growing up house was more country than city, we were in the capitol city. Maybe that is where my country/small town love comes from. I love that if you forget to lock your door, you are still "safe". I know that small towns are not immune from danger, but there is a safe feeling. There is a slower pace. And people still wave at each other ...with all fingers. I can get where I want to get within 5 or 10 minutes. And if the itch for a larger town hits, it is within a 30 minute drive. Big city within an hour. There is just enough "red neck" to smile. Farmers and ranchers are held in esteem. The smell of money often makes you wrinkle your nose around here. Clothes still hang on clotheslines....even with underwear :) People still sit on porches and sip lemonade (or their beverage of choice). Neighbors still care about each other and notice if some

Roller Coaster

What do you do when you are wide awake an hour and a half early? Write a new blog post! Life is quite an adventure! And there are certain times the adventure is well....more adventuresome. I'm picturing a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it is an uphill ride. Slower. Maybe you can't quite see what is ahead. Yet, having been on this ride, you know there is something great ahead. Or this is your first experience and you have a big surprise ahead! Sometimes is feels like you are spinning out of control. Life throws you some twists and unexpected turns. You might wonder when things will be smooth again. When and how will things turn out. There are times that the ride is good. You can put your arms up in the arm and celebrate the ride. Times that you are soaring down the path, exhilarated by the experiences. Yes, life is an adventure! Right now my ride is very adventuresome. It is a little mix of all the above. Can't wait to share how it all turns out!