Small Town Girl

I'm a small town girl. I didn't grow up that way. I spent about half my life as a big city girl. Although my growing up house was more country than city, we were in the capitol city. Maybe that is where my country/small town love comes from.

I love that if you forget to lock your door, you are still "safe". I know that small towns are not immune from danger, but there is a safe feeling. There is a slower pace. And people still wave at each other ...with all fingers.

I can get where I want to get within 5 or 10 minutes. And if the itch for a larger town hits, it is within a 30 minute drive. Big city within an hour.

There is just enough "red neck" to smile. Farmers and ranchers are held in esteem. The smell of money often makes you wrinkle your nose around here.

Clothes still hang on clotheslines....even with underwear :) People still sit on porches and sip lemonade (or their beverage of choice). Neighbors still care about each other and notice if something is off.

I love that I walk into the doctor's office and am greeted by name. The dentist knows what I do for a living. The mailman delivers the right mail even with the wrong address.

You are almost guaranteed that you will run into someone you know when you visit the grocery store or the Walmart. Sometimes you are baffled by the number of people that you run into.

I hear more birds singing than sirens blaring. The police department has a Facebook page that keeps everyone up to date. And once a year they block off roads to have a huge parade down the middle of town.

I love my small town living! I must be a small town girl.


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