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It's going around...

I think I have caught something. My head hurts. I am tired all day and feel like staying in bed. My heart sometimes races and stomach aches. My muscles are tight and sore, especially in my feet, back and neck. My brain seems to forget things, stay on one thing, and not stop thinking at times. What do you think? Do you think you might even say that you have seen others with similar symptoms? You might say that you are not a doctor and maybe I should see one. Only I am sure the diagnosis would be something like this: It is going around you know!

Life's adventures

I sat down this weekend with a prospective student and her parents. I highlighted our education department and overviewed the expectations. The parents ask "parenty" questions. Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I saw a different layer. I saw a mom and dad who were watching their child in one of life's big adventures. I saw a mother's eyes who's love, care, excitement, and twinge of sadness twinkled as we talked. I saw dad's protective, steadfast, and loving eyes. Somewhere in this conversation it wasn't two parents and their was my daughter I saw and my husband and I looking on. The realization that one day she would be making college decisions. We would be asking the questions. It would be our hearts full of excitement, yet seeing our "baby" in this big adventure moment. A day when preschool graduation, will seen like an eternity ago. Kindergarten graduation will not be weeks away but years ago.

The open door

Have you ever gone to Walmart?    The answer is probably yes. Have you ever gone to Walmart and noticed the doors?     Now I may have you thinking and picturing. I may have you wondering why I am asking. Let me help you with the picture....     Look familiar? Let's zoom in a little.... Now it is time for a little honesty....         How many of you pay any attention to the enter and exit signs? Do you enter through the exit and    exit through the enter? I noticed something today. There is a motion sensor on both sides. Take a look at the picture again.... If I am only to enter through the enter side, why would there be a sensor on the exit side? In fact, today that door opened first for me! Why would I not enter through it? Who doesn't go through a door that opens for them? Maybe it doesn't matter in the long run which door to enter through. Just don't run into the lady who barks at you, "It says exit!" Yes, true

Final countdown

We have officially entered the end of the year "countdown". Yesterday my college students shared the exact number of days left (and one had an app doing the countdown). In honor of them, I created one also...let the countdown begin! End of the school year countdown