Life's adventures

I sat down this weekend with a prospective student and her parents. I highlighted our education department and overviewed the expectations. The parents ask "parenty" questions.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I saw a different layer. I saw a mom and dad who were watching their child in one of life's big adventures. I saw a mother's eyes who's love, care, excitement, and twinge of sadness twinkled as we talked. I saw dad's protective, steadfast, and loving eyes.

Somewhere in this conversation it wasn't two parents and their was my daughter I saw and my husband and I looking on. The realization that one day she would be making college decisions. We would be asking the questions. It would be our hearts full of excitement, yet seeing our "baby" in this big adventure moment.

A day when preschool graduation, will seen like an eternity ago. Kindergarten graduation will not be weeks away but years ago.


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